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Prime Mall

Prime Mall - Gulbarga was a project in 2012 and was complex due to the interior lighting and very reflective objects - Floors and the Glass Doors. The project was for M/s. Sheriff Builders and was displayed at the time of the Launch.


A very challenging project as it required modeling of the hilly terrain based on the contour maps. The complete background was created in VUE and the actual location was modelled in 3DS Max with hundreds of trees populated using vray proxies.


The walkthrough of the sea-facing Milan Castle created for M/s. Ballal Associates. The entire exteriors were modeled in 3D based on the images of the site including the trees and the surrondings. Presented the same at the time of the launch of the project.


The complete interiors of Mr. Allum Basavaraj's residence done as per the exact specs given by Geometrix. The first walkthrough project of Maximuz and has been well appreciated by the end Customer.
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