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Maximuz India

Architectural Visualization | 360° Panos | Virtual Reality | Reality Capture | VFX | Gaming solutions | Android App Development


Maximuz India

Architectural Visualization | 360° Panos | Virtual Reality | Reality Capture | VFX | Gaming solutions | Android App Development


Maximuz India

Architectural Visualization | 360° Panos | Virtual Reality | Reality Capture | VFX | Gaming solutions | Android App Development


The thin line which differentiates Virtual from Reality is becoming thinner and thinner. 3D technology is growing at a very fast pace and is now embedded deeply into our lives. At Maximuz India, when we started our operations about 12 years back, we have realized how this technology can make ta big difference in our day-to-day lives. Today, we are not limited to Architectural Visualization, but have done successful projects in Virtual Reality, VFX and are now moving to Gaming and Reality Capture.


Our studios offer walkthroughs, 360° Panos, Virtual Reality, Reality Capture, VFX, Gaming solutions and Android App development.

Architectural Visualization

“How to move the customer experience to a totally different level?”

This is one question we get to hear repeatedly from all our customers, ALWAYS. And our answer is: Use Technology, ALWAYS.

• Renders that capture the mood of the environment
• Realistic Walkthroughs to engross the viewer
• 360° Panoramic views in 3D space to give surround look
• Virtual Reality to transport the viewer into the scene

Tools to support UX

Providing an uninterrepted User Experience is equally important. Slow feeds can switch the customers attention in a fraction of a second.

• We provide dedicated servers to host Panos
• Utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) for better bandwidth

Reality Capture

India has been the cultural center for centuries and the proof of it is visible in our heritage architecture and monuments

It is important to capture these great structures in 3D as they are exposed to the nature and the elements.

• Helps to preserve our culture and heritage for posterity
• Improves the reach and understanding of these sites
• Assets can be used by Media & Entertainment industry
• Can help improve India-centric Game development

Visual Effects

In today’s world, no visual content is complete without VFX. It not only enhances the viewer experience, but has become such an integral part of the visual media.

Maximuz is now foraying into this field which opens up a plethora of opportunites.

App Development

Apps have now become an integral part of our daily life. From simple calculators to high-end games, the devices have travelled a substantial distance.

Our team is now fully equipped and have mastered all the necessary tools in this area.

Click here to View App

Our Kaala-Maana App helps one to undertand the greatness and intricacies of the Indic Calender – Panchanga. We are now extending this to other versions and adding new features based on the feedback from the users.

Sampada is a simple but very effective app which helps you to keep a track of your finances and also backs-up as a dynamic Will . The tag-line says it all: “In times of Certainity and Uncertainity”

Technologies We Use


Over 100 Modules Completed

With over 100 modules done all over India, our team is skilled for any requirement.

Time-bound Operation

Understanding the customer’s time-table and working within the same is our forte.

Knowledge Base

From 3DS Max, Blender, AE and PS to Unreal Engine, Dart, our team has expertise in all these applications

Ease of Business

We have started from a very humble beginning and hence appreciate the need to be simple in our approach.

Simple to Advanced

Be it perspectives or Walkthroughs or 360° Panos and Mobile Gaming, our portfolio covers it all.

Continued Support

Every customer requires a strong and stable vendor to avoid any business disruptions. We are there always.



Giridhar Puthige produces Excellent 3D Visualizations and Walk through. Would Recommend all Architects and Interior Designers to take his Services.

Gurudutt Suryanarain
Chief Architect

Dear Giridhar’s
Vanakkam. We from Team CovaiCare are proud to be associated with you and your team. It has been a great professional experience to be associated with you and Team Maximuz. Your creations of Maxpano for our retirement community projects have helped us to not only show case our creations but also enhance sales. Yes, our creations of retirement communityhas Maximuz creativity in every which way and we thank you and your team for your patience, customer support and sage advice on how we should use Maxpano for our growth.

Thank you and Team Maximuz for your support and on behalf of Covaicare, I wish you the very best in this Financial Year! God Bless.

Colonel (Veteran) A Sridharan
Managing Director

We have been impressed by Giridhar’s ability to deliver a marketing lateral that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image needed to represent our internationally-designed residences.

It’s great to work with someone so responsive. I recommend Maximuz India for creative strategy work at all levels of sophistication.

Varun Sanam