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About Maximuz India

Our Profile

A small but very effective team of 3D Artists and programmers.

Most cost-effective with relatively low overheads.

Emphasis on personal interactions backed with high quality renders.

A strong and satisfied Customer base.

Modules of Tech-ArchViz completed across India since 2015

Satisfied Customers – covering a wide range of Builders

Cities and Towns where our Services are being used

Consolidated hits on our YouTube videos of various Properties

Who we are?

A team of 3D Artists providing Tech – Architectural Visualization.

When we started?

Established in the year 2009.

Projects completed

We have completed over 200 modules of ArchViz across India.

Geographical coverage

We have our projects in South India and in Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Tech – ArchViz

We, are one of the very first 3D Studios in India to provide Tech-ArchViz, which encompasses, conventional 3D Visualization but is supplemented by Technologies like Panoramic Viewing, Virtual Reality, Guided Virtual Tours and Gaming experience

Still Visuals

We provide all collaterals required for creating stunning brochures which include Perspective Views, 2D Plans, Isometric Views

Video Renders

We model, render and composite breath-taking walkthroughs for showcasing the Property.

Virtual Technology

We create 360° Virtual Tours of your projects in 3D space or of completed projects. These can also be converted to Guided Tours or Virtual Reality as per customer requirements

Gaming Experience

[Under Development] 3D Gaming environment for customers to experience the property. Gifts, Loyalty and Bonus Points ….. and much much more….



Interact with the Architects at design stage and create a most optimized and visually complete project by providing necessary 3D views


Provide all necessary inputs for the Sales and Marketing Team to approach the prospective clients with marketing collaterals.


Enable the prospective client to immersively experience the project and virtually connect the client with your Sales Team for a Guided Tour

Customer Base